Radiator Cap Fits Honda Accord CR-V OE 19045RAAA51 Blue Print ADH29902
Radiator Cap Fits Honda Accord CR-V OE 19045RAAA51 Blue Print ADH29902
Radiator Cap Fits Honda Accord CR-V OE 19045RAAA51 Blue Print ADH29902
Radiator Cap Fits Honda Accord CR-V OE 19045RAAA51 Blue Print ADH29902

Radiator Cap Fits Honda Accord CR-V OE 19045RAAA51 Blue Print ADH29902

Manufacturer: Bilstein Group
Brand: Blue Print
Manufacturers Part Number: ADH29902
Product Type: Radiator Caps
Placement on Vehicle: Not Applicable
Colour: NA
Material: Not Available
EAN: 5050063299021
Weight: 36 g
Dimensions: 2.8 x 5.5 x 5.5cm

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  • Opening Pressure Bar: 1.1
  • Weight (kg): 0.04
  • Make and model this part will fit
  • Vauxhall Agila II
  • Subaru Justy III, Justy IV, Legacy IV 4WD, Outback III 4WD, Outback IV 4WD, Trezia
  • Honda Accord IX, Accord V, Accord VI, Accord VII, Accord VII 4WD, Accord VIII, Accord VIII 4WD, Airwave, Airwave 4WD, CR-V I 4WD, CR-V II, CR-V II 4WD, CR-V III, CR-V III 4WD, CR-V IV, CR-V IV 4WD, CR-Z, CRX III, City V, City VI, Civic IX, Civic V, Civic VI, Civic VII, Civic VIII, Crossroad, Crossroad 4WD, Crosstour, Crosstour 4WD, Edix, Edix 4WD, Elysion, Elysion 4WD, FR-V, Fit, Fit 4WD, Freed, Freed 4WD, HR-V I, HR-V I 4WD, HR-V II, HR-V II 4WD, Insight, Integra, Jazz II, Jazz III, Legend I, Legend III, Legend IV 4WD, Mobilio Spike, Mobilio Spike 4WD, Odyssey, Odyssey 4WD, Prelude IV, Prelude V, S2000, SMX, Shuttle, Stepwagon, Stepwagon 4WD, Stream, Vezel, Vezel 4WD
  • Perodua Myvi
  • Opel Agila B
  • Peugeot 107
  • Citroën C1 I
  • Original Manufacturer part number this will replace (OE)
  • Citroen: 1306.F4
  • Daihatsu: 1640187212000, 16401-31520, 16401-87211, 16401-87211-000
  • FIAT: 71742152
  • Honda: 19045-P08-003, 19045-P08-004, 19045-P08-013, 19045-P08-014, 19045-P45-G01, 19045-PAA-A51, 19045-PNC-004, 19045-PSL-F01, 19045-PY3-003, 19045-PY3-013, 19045-RAA-A51
  • Lexus: 16401-28280, 16401-31480, 16401-75440
  • Mazda: B3C7-15-205, WL21-15-205, WL81-15-205
  • Mitsubishi: MR 597 126
  • Nissan: 17920-77A00
  • Opel: 47 09 376
  • Perodua: 16401-87211
  • Peugeot: 1306.F4
  • Subaru: 45137AE010, 45137AE011, 45137AE012
  • Suzuki: 17820M79F10, 17920-56B00, 17920-66F00, 17920-66F01, 17920M75F00, 17920M75F00000
  • Toyota: 16401-02420, 16401-28120, 16401-28280, 16401-28430, 16401-31650, 16401-5B630
  • Vauxhall: 93194271
  • Other Brands equivalent part number
  • Blue Print ADH29902
  • Borg & Beck: BRC100, BRC101, BRC116, BRC84
  • First Line: FRC100, FRC101, FRC116, FRC84
  • Gates: RC127, RC133, RC134
  • Nipparts: J1540507, J1542002, J1545001
  • Fits Makes: Citroen, Daihatsu, FIAT, Honda, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Perodua, Peugeot, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Vauxhall
    OE Part Number: 1306F4 | 1640187212000 | 1640131520 | 1640187211
    Other Part Numbers: BRC100 | BRC101 | BRC116 | BRC84 | FRC100 | FRC101 | FRC116

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