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Brake Fluid DOT4 DOT 4 1Ltr Fits Ford Audi BMW VW Peugeot Toyota Febi 26461
Brake Fluid DOT4 DOT 4 1Ltr Fits Ford Audi BMW VW Peugeot Toyota Febi 26461
Brake Fluid DOT4 DOT 4 1Ltr Fits Ford Audi BMW VW Peugeot Toyota Febi 26461
Brake Fluid DOT4 DOT 4 1Ltr Fits Ford Audi BMW VW Peugeot Toyota Febi 26461
Brake Fluid DOT4 DOT 4 1Ltr Fits Ford Audi BMW VW Peugeot Toyota Febi 26461
Brake Fluid DOT4 DOT 4 1Ltr Fits Ford Audi BMW VW Peugeot Toyota Febi 26461
Brake Fluid DOT4 DOT 4 1Ltr Fits Ford Audi BMW VW Peugeot Toyota Febi 26461
Brake Fluid DOT4 DOT 4 1Ltr Fits Ford Audi BMW VW Peugeot Toyota Febi 26461
Brake Fluid DOT4 DOT 4 1Ltr Fits Ford Audi BMW VW Peugeot Toyota Febi 26461
Brake Fluid DOT4 DOT 4 1Ltr Fits Ford Audi BMW VW Peugeot Toyota Febi 26461
Brake Fluid DOT4 DOT 4 1Ltr Fits Ford Audi BMW VW Peugeot Toyota Febi 26461

Brake Fluid DOT4 DOT 4 1Ltr Fits Ford Audi BMW VW Peugeot Toyota Febi 26461

Manufacturer: Bilstein Group
Brand: Febi Bilstein
Manufacturers Part Number: 26461
Product Type: Brake Fluid
Placement on Vehicle: Not Applicable
Colour: NA
Material: Not Available
EAN: 4027816264613
Weight: 1139 g
Dimensions: 11.8 x 8.6 x 22.4cm

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  • Boiling Point (Degrees C): ≥ 260
  • Recommended Use: Dot 4
  • Volume (Ltr): 1
  • Weight (kg): 1.139
  • Make and model this part will fit
  • VW Amarok (2H), Amarok 4motion (2H), Amarok 4motion (S1), Bora (1J), Bora (1K), Bora 4motion (1J), Caddy 2 (9K), Caddy 2 (9U), Caddy 3 (2C), Caddy 3 (2K), Caddy 3 4motion (2C), Caddy 3 4motion (2K), Corrado (50), Crafter I 30 (2E), Crafter I 30 (2F), Crafter I 35 (2E), Crafter I 35 (2F), Crafter I 50 (2E), Crafter I 50 (2F), Crossfox (5Z), Crossgolf (5M), Crosspolo 4 (9N), Crosspolo 5 (6R), Crosstouran 1 (1T), Eos (1F), Fox (5Z), Golf 1 Cabrio (15), Golf 2 (1G), Golf 2 syncro (1G), Golf 3 (1H), Golf 3 Cabrio (1E), Golf 3 CitySTROMer (1H), Golf 3 Van (1H), Golf 3 Variant (1H), Golf 3 Variant syncro (1H), Golf 3 Vento (1H), Golf 3 syncro (1H), Golf 4 (1J), Golf 4 4motion (1J), Golf 4 Van (1J), Golf 4 Variant (1J), Golf 4 Variant 4motion (1J), Golf 5 (1K), Golf 5 (5M), Golf 5 4motion (1K), Golf 5 Variant (1K), Golf 5 Variant 4motion (1K), Golf 6 (52), Golf 6 (5K), Golf 6 4motion (5K), Golf 6 Van (AJ), Golf 6 Variant (AJ), Golf 6 Variant 4motion (AJ), Jetta 2 (16), Jetta 2 (1G), Jetta 2 syncro (1G), Jetta 4 (1J), Jetta 5 (1K), Jetta 6 (16), LT (21), LT (28), LT (29), LT (2D), LT 35 (29), LT syncro (21), LT syncro (29), Lupo (6E), Lupo (6X), New Beetle (1C), New Beetle (9C), New Beetle 4motion (9C), New Beetle Cabrio (1Y), Parati (5X), Parati (9V), Passat 3 (31), Passat 3 (3A), Passat 3 syncro (31), Passat 3 syncro (3A), Passat 4 (3B), Passat 4 4motion (3B), Passat 4 syncro (3B), Passat 5 (3C), Passat 5 4motion (3C), Passat 6 (36), Passat CC (35), Passat CC 4motion (35), Phaeton (3D), Phaeton 4motion (3D), Polo 2 (80), Polo 2 (81), Polo 2 (87), Polo 3 (6N), Polo 3 (6V), Polo 4 (9A), Polo 4 (9N), Polo 5 (6R), Saveiro (2K), Saveiro (9U), Scirocco (13), Scirocco (53), Sharan (7M), Sharan (7N), Sharan 4motion (7M), Sharan 4motion (7N), Sharan syncro (7M), Spacefox (5Z), Taro (7A), Taro syncro (7A), Tiguan (5N), Tiguan 4motion (5N), Touareg 4motion (7L), Touareg 4motion (7P), Touran (1T), Transporter (24), Transporter (25), Transporter (70), Transporter (7D), Transporter (7E), Transporter (7F), Transporter (7H), Transporter (7J), Transporter 4motion (7E), Transporter 4motion (7F), Transporter 4motion (7H), Transporter 4motion (7J), Transporter syncro (24), Transporter syncro (25), Transporter syncro (70), Transporter syncro (7D), Vento (1H)
  • Volvo 240, 340, 360, 440, 460, 480, 740, 760, 780, 850, 850 AWD, 940, 960, C 30, C 70 I, C 70 II, S 40 I, S 40 II, S 40 II AWD, S 60 I, S 60 I AWD, S 60 II, S 60 II AWD, S 70, S 70 AWD, S 80 I, S 80 I AWD, S 80 II, S 80 II AWD, S 90 I, V 40 I, V 50, V 50 AWD, V 60, V 60 AWD, V 70 I, V 70 I AWD, V 70 II, V 70 II AWD, V 70 III, V 70 III AWD, V 90 I, XC60, XC60 AWD, XC70 I AWD, XC70 II AWD, XC70 III, XC70 III AWD, XC90 AWD
  • Vauxhall Agila I, Agila II, Antara 4x4, Arena, Astra II, Astra III, Astra IV, Astra V, Astra VI, Brava, Brava 4x4, Calibra, Calibra 4x4, Carlton II, Carlton III, Cavalier III, Cavalier III 4x4, Corsa I, Corsa II, Corsa III, Frontera II 4x4, Insignia I, Insignia I 4x4, Meriva I, Meriva II, Monaro, Movano I, Movano II, Nova, Omega, Senator, Signum, Sintra, Tigra I, Tigra II, VX, VXR8, Vectra I, Vectra II, Vivaro I, Zafira I, Zafira II
  • Toyota 4 Runner III 4x4, 4 Runner IV, Alphard, Alphard 4x4, Auris I, Auris I 4x4, Auris II, Avanza, Avensis I, Avensis II, Avensis II 4x4, Avensis III, Aygo I, Brevis, Camry IV, Camry IV 4x4, Camry Solara, Camry V, Camry VI, Celica VII, Celsior, Coaster, Corolla Altis, Corolla Altis 4x4, Corolla Axio, Corolla IX, Corolla IX 4x4, Corolla Spacio, Corolla VIII, Corolla VIII 4x4, Corolla X, Corona, Corona 4x4, Cresta, Crown, Crown 4x4, Duet, Dyna, Dyna 4x4, FJ Cruiser, FJ Cruiser 4x4, Fortuner, Fortuner 4x4, FunCargo, Hiace IV, Hiace IV 4x4, Hiace V, Hiace V 4x4, Highlander, Highlander 4x4, Hilux Sport Rider, Hilux Sport Rider 4x4, Hilux Surf 4x4, Hilux Tiger, Hilux Tiger 4x4, Hilux VI, Hilux VI 4x4, Hilux VII, Hilux VII 4WD, Hilux VII 4x4, Hilux Vigo, Hilux Vigo 4x4, IST, Kluger, Kluger 4x4, Land Cruiser 4x4, MR2, Majesta, Matrix, Matrix 4x4, Picnic, Porte, Porte 4x4, Prado II 4x4, Prado III 4x4, Prado IV 4x4, Premio I, Premio II, Previa II, Previa III, Prius I, Prius II, Prius III, RAV 4 II, RAV 4 II 4x4, RAV 4 III, RAV 4 III 4x4, RAV 4J II 4x4, RAV 4L II 4x4, Sequoia, Sequoia 4x4, Spacio, Spacio 4x4, Urban Cruiser, Urban Cruiser 4X11, Verso, Vios, Vitz I, Vitz II, Wish, Wish 4x4, Yaris I, Yaris II, Yaris III, bB I, bB I 4x4, bB II, bB II 4x4, iQ
  • Suzuki Aerio, Aerio 4WD, Alto II, Alto II 4WD, Alto III, Alto III 4WD, Alto IV, Baleno I, Baleno I 4WD, Cappuccino, Carry VI, Carry VII, Carry VII 4WD, Cultus II, Cultus II 4WD, Escudo I, Escudo I 4WD, Escudo II, Escudo II 4WD, Escudo III 4WD, Grand Escudo, Grand Escudo 4WD, Grand Vitara I 4WD, Grand Vitara II, Grand Vitara II 4WD, Ignis I, Ignis I 4WD, Ignis II, Ignis II 4WD, Jimny II, Jimny III, Jimny III 4WD, Kei, Kizashi, Kizashi 4WD, Liana, Liana 4WD, SX4, SX4 4WD, Samurai, Sidekick, Sidekick 4WD, Splash, Super Carry, Swift II, Swift II 4WD, Swift III, Swift III 4WD, Swift IV, Swift IV 4WD, Vitara I 4WD, Vitara II 4WD, Wagon R, Wagon R+, Wagon R+ 4WD, X 90, X 90 4WD
  • Subaru Alcyone, Alcyone 4WD, Domingo 4WD, E-Wagon 4WD, E12, E12 4WD, Forester I 4WD, Forester II 4WD, Forester III, Forester III 4WD, Impreza I, Impreza I 4WD, Impreza II, Impreza II 4WD, Impreza III, Impreza III 4WD, Impreza IV 4WD, Justy I, Justy I 4WD, Justy II 4WD, Justy III, Justy III 4WD, Justy IV, Legacy I, Legacy I 4WD, Legacy II, Legacy II 4WD, Legacy III 4WD, Legacy IV 4WD, Legacy V 4WD, Libero, Libero 4WD, Outback I 4WD, Outback II 4WD, Outback III 4WD, Outback IV 4WD, R1, R1 4WD, R2, R2 4WD, Rex, Rex 4WD, SVX 4WD, Sumo, Sumo 4WD, Tribeca 4WD, Vanille 4WD, Vivio, Vivio 4WD, XT
  • Smart Cabrio Cabrio (model 450), City Coupe (Model 450), Crossblade (Model 450), Forfour (Model 454), Fortwo Cabrio (Model 450), Fortwo Cabrio (Model 451), Fortwo Coupe (Model 450), Fortwo Coupe (Model 451), Roadster (Model 452), Roadster Coupe (Model 452)
  • Skoda Fabia I (6Y), Fabia II (54), Favorit (13), Felicia (6U), Octavia I (1U), Octavia I 4x4 (1U), Octavia II (1Z), Octavia II 4x4 (1Z), Pick Up (13), Roomster (5J), Superb I (3U), Superb II (3T), Superb II 4x4 (3T), Yeti (5L), Yeti 4x4 (5L)
  • Seat Alhambra I (7V), Alhambra I 4 motion (7V), Alhambra II (71), Altea (5P), Altea Freetrack 4x4 (5P), Altea XL 4x4 (5P), Arosa (6H), Cordoba (6K), Cordoba (6L), Exeo (3R), Ibiza II (6K), Ibiza III (6K), Ibiza IV (6L), Ibiza V (6J), Inca (6K), Leon (1M), Leon (1P), Leon 4x4 (1M), Toledo I (1L), Toledo II (1M), Toledo III (5P)
  • Saab 9-3 I, 9-3 II, 9-3 II 4WD, 9-3 Sport, 9-3 X 4WD, 9-5 I, 9-5 II, 9-5 II 4WD, 9-7 X 4WD, 900 I, 900 II, 9000
  • Renault Avantime, B110, B110 4x4, B120, Clio I, Clio II, Clio III, Duster, Duster 4x4, Espace II, Espace II 4x4, Espace III, Espace IV, Extra, Fluence, Grand Espace III, Grand Espace IV, Grand Modus, Grand Scenic II, Grand Scenic III, Kangoo I, Kangoo I 4x4, Kangoo II, Koleos, Koleos 4x4, Laguna I, Laguna II, Laguna III, Latitude, Logan I, Lutecia, Master I, Master II, Master III, Megane Generation, Megane I, Megane II, Megane III, Megane Scenic I, Megane Scenic I 4x4, Messenger, Messenger 4x4, Modus, R19 I, R19 II, R21, R21 4x4, Rapid, Safrane I, Safrane I 4x4, Safrane II, Sandero I, Scenic I, Scenic I 4x4, Scenic II, Scenic III, Scenic Xmod III, Sport Spider, Symbol I, Symbol II, Thalia I, Thalia II, Tondar, Trafic I, Trafic I 4x4, Trafic II, Twingo I, Twingo II, Vel Satis, Wind, Wrangler 4x4
  • Porsche 911 (964), 911 (993), 911 (996), 911 (997), 928, 944, 959, 968, Boxster, Carrera GT, Cayenne, Cayman, Panamera
  • Peugeot 1007, 106 I, 106 II, 107, 205, 206, 206+, 207, 3008 I, 3008 I 4x4, 306 I, 306 II, 307 I, 307 II, 308 I, 308 II, 309, 4007 4x4, 405 I, 405 I 4x4, 405 II, 405 II 4x4, 406, 407, 5008 I, 504, 605, 607, 806, 807, Bipper, Boxer I, Boxer I 4x4, Boxer II, Expert I, Expert II, Expert II 4x4, Expert III 4x4, J5, J5 4x4, Partner I, Partner II, Partner II 4x4, Partner III, RCZ, Ranch I, Ranch II, Ranch III
  • Opel Agila A, Agila B, Antara, Arena, Astra Classic F, Astra F, Astra G, Astra GTC H, Astra H, Astra J, Calibra, Campo, Campo Pick up, Combo B, Combo C, Corsa A, Corsa B, Corsa C, Corsa D, Frontera B, GT, Insignia A, Insignia A Sports Tourer, Kadett E, Meriva A, Meriva B, Monterey B, Movano A, Movano B, Omega A, Omega B, Omega Lotus A, Senator B, Signum, Sintra, Speedster, Tigra A, Tigra B, Vectra A, Vectra B, Vectra C, Vita, Vivaro A, Zafira A, Zafira B
  • Nissan 100NX, 180SX, 200SX, 240SX, 300ZX, 350Z, 370Z, AD II, AD III, Almera I, Almera II, Altima I, Altima III, Altima IV, Aprio, Armada, Armada 4WD, Atlas II, Atleon, Avenir I, Avenir II, Bassara, Bluebird, Bluebird Sylphy, Bluebird Sylphy 4WD, Cabstar II, Cabstar III, Caravan III, Caravan IV, Cargo, Cedric, Cedric IX, Cedric VII, Cedric VIII, Cefiro II, Cefiro III, Cefiro IV, Cima I, Cima II, Cima III, Cima IV, Cube I, Cube III, Cubic, D21 I 4WD, Datsun II, Datsun II 4WD, Elgrand I, Elgrand I 4WD, Elgrand II, Elgrand II 4WD, Fairlady Z, Frontier, Frontier 4WD, GT-R 4WD, Grand Livina, Interstar, Juke, Juke 4WD, Kubistar, L35, Lafesta, Lafesta 4WD, Largo, Largo 4WD, Latio, Latio 4WD, Livina, March, March 4WD, Maxima III, Maxima IV, Maxima QX IV, Maxima QX V, Maxima VI, Micra I, Micra II, Micra III, Micra IV, Murano I, Murano I 4WD, Murano II, Murano II 4WD, NP200, NP300, NP300 4WD, NV200, Navara II, Navara II 4WD, Navara III, Navara III 4WD, Note I, Note II, Pathfinder I, Pathfinder I 4WD, Pathfinder II, Pathfinder II 4WD, Pathfinder III, Pathfinder III 4WD, Patrol IV 4WD, Patrol V 4WD, Patrol VI 4WD, Patrol VII 4WD, Pick Up I, Pick Up I 4WD, Pick Up II, Pick Up II 4WD, Pick Up III, Pick Up III 4WD, Pixo, Prairie, Prairie 4WD, Presage, President, Primastar, Primera I, Primera I 4WD, Primera II, Primera III, Pulsar IV, Pulsar V, Pulsar VI, Qashqai I, Qashqai I 4WD, Quest, Sentra, Serena, Serena 4WD, Silvia, Skyline, Skyline 4WD, Skyline IX, Skyline IX 4WD, Skyline VIII 4WD, Sunny Neo, Sunny Neo 4WD, Sunny VII, Sunny VII 4WD, Sunny VIII, Sylphy, Teana, Teana 4WD, Terrano II 4WD, Tiida I, Tiida I 4WD, Tino, Titan, Titan 4WD, Trade, Urvan, Vanette, Vanette Cargo, Vanette E, Vanette Serena, Vanette Truck, X-Trail I, X-Trail I 4WD, X-Trail II, X-Trail II 4WD, Xterra, Xterra 4WD
  • Mitsubishi ASX, ASX 4x4, Airtrek, Airtrek 4x4, Canter, Carisma, Carisma 4x4, Challenger 4x4, Chariot Grandis, Colt Plus, Colt Plus 4x4, Colt V, Colt V 4x4, Colt VI, Colt VI 4x4, Colt VII 4x4, Delica 4x4, Diamante, Diamante 4x4, Dion, Dion 4x4, Eclipse II, Eclipse III, Eclipse IV, Galant VI, Galant VI 4x4, Galant VII, Grandis, L 200, L 200 4x4, L200 III, L300 4x4, Lancer 4x4, Lancer Cedia, Lancer Cedia 4x4, Lancer VII, Lancer VIII, Lancer VIII 4x4, Libero, Libero 4x4, Mirage, Montero, Montero 4x4, Nimbus, Outlander I, Outlander I 4x4, Outlander II, Outlander II 4x4, Pajero, Pajero 4x4, Pajero I 4x4, Pajero I.O 4x4, Pajero III, Pajero III 4x4, Pajero IV 4x4, Santamo, Santamo 4x4, Shogun 4x4, Space III, Space Runner II, Space Star, Space Wagon III, Space Wagon III 4x4, Sport Wagon 4x4, Strakar 4x4, i, i 4x4, i-MiEV
  • Mini (BMW) Cooper (R50), Cooper (R52), Cooper (R53), Cooper (R55 LCI), Cooper (R55), Cooper (R56 LCI), Cooper (R56), Cooper (R57 LCI), Cooper (R57), Cooper (R60), One (R50), One (R52), One (R55 LCI), One (R55), One (R56 LCI), One (R56), One (R57 LCI), One (R60)
  • Mercedes Benz 190 Series (model 201), A-Class (Model 168), A-Class (Model 169), B-Class (Model 245), C-Class (Model 202), C-Class (Model 203), C-Class (Model 204), CL (Model 215), CL (Model 216), CLC (Model 203), CLK (Model 208), CLK (Model 209), CLS (Model 219), CLS (model 218), E-Class (Model 207), E-Class (Model 210), E-Class (Model 211), E-Class (Model 212), G-Class (Model 460), G-Class (Model 461), G-Class (Model 463), GL-Class (Model 164), GLK (Model 204), M-Class (Model 163), M-Class (Model 164), MB 100, Model 123, Model 124, Model 310, R-Class (Model 251), S-Class (Model 126), S-Class (Model 140), S-Class (Model 220), S-Class (Model 221), SL (Model 107), SL (Model 129), SL (Model 230), SLK (Model 170), SLK (Model 171), SLR (Model 199), SLS (Model 197), Sprinter (Model 901), Sprinter (Model 902), Sprinter (Model 903), Sprinter (Model 904), Sprinter (Model 905), Sprinter (Model 906), T 1 (Model 601), T 1 (Model 602), T 2 (model 611), T 2 (model 667), T 2 (model 668), T 2 (model 669), T 2 (model 670), Vaneo (Model 414), Vario (Model 667), Vario (Model 668), Vario (Model 670), Viano (Model 639), Vito
  • V-Class (Model 638), Vito
  • V-Class (Model 639)
  • Mazda 121 II (DB), 121 III (3X), 121 III (DW), 121 III (JASM), 121 III (JBSM), 323 IV (BG), 323 IV (BW), 323 IV 4WD (BG), 323 IV 4WD (BW), 323 V (BA), 323 VI (BJ), 626 III (GD), 626 III (GV), 626 III 4WD (GV), 626 IV (GE), 626 IV 4WD (GE), 626 V (GF), 626 V (GW), 929 IV (HC), 929 V (HD), Axela (BK), Axela (BL), Axela 4WD (BK), Axela 4WD (BL), B-Seriess (UF), B-Seriess (UN), B-Seriess 4WD (SD), B-Seriess 4WD (UF), B-Seriess 4WD (UN), BT-50 (UN), BT-50 4WD (J9), BT-50 4WD (UN), Bongo (SD), Bongo (SG), Bongo 4WD (SG), Bongo III (SD), Bravo (UF), Brawny (SD), CX-7 (ER), CX-7 4WD (ER), CX-9 (TB), CX-9 4WD (TB), Capella (CG), Capella (GD), Capella (GF), Carol (EG), Demio I (DW), Demio III (DE), E-Series (SD), E-Series (SR), Eunos (CA), Eunos (TA), Festiva (BA), Festiva (DA), MPV I (LV), MPV I 4WD (LV), MPV II (LW), MPV III (LY), MPV III 4WD (LY), MX-3 (EC), MX-5 I (NA), MX-5 II (NB), MX-5 III (NC), MX-6 (GD), MX-6 (GE), Mazda2 I (DY), Mazda2 II (DE), Mazda3 I (BK), Mazda3 II (BL), Mazda3Sport II (BL), Mazda5 I (CR), Mazda5 II (CW), Mazda6 I (GG), Mazda6 I (GY), Mazda6 I 4WD (GG), Mazda6 I 4WD (GY), Mazda6 II (GH), Miata I (NA), Millenia (TA), Premacy (CP), Premacy (CR), Proceed (UF), Proceed (UN), Proceed 4WD (UF), Proceed 4WD (UN), RX-7 (FD), RX-8 (FE), RX-8 (SE), Telstar (CG), Telstar (GC), Telstar (GD), Telstar (GE), Tribute (EP), Tribute (Z9), Tribute 4WD (EP), Xedos 6 (CA), Xedos 9 (TA)
  • Lexus ES I, ES II, ES III, ES IV, ES V, GS I, GS II, GS III, GS III AWD, GS IV, GS IV AWD, GX AWD, HS 250, IS 200, IS 220, IS 250, IS 300, IS AWD, ISF, LFA, LS 400, LS 430, LS 460, LS AWD, LX AWD, RX 300, RX 330, RX 350, RX 400, RX 450, RX AWD, SC 400, SC 430
  • Land Rover Defender, Discovery I, Discovery II, Discovery III, Discovery IV, Freelander I, Freelander II, Range Rover I, Range Rover II, Range Rover III
  • Lancia Dedra, Dedra 4WD, Delta II, Delta III, Kappa, Lybra, Musa, Phedra, Thesis, Y, Y10, Y10 4WD, Ypsilon I, Zeta
  • KIA Avella, Besta, Bongo I, Bongo II, Bongo III, Bongo III 4x4, Capital, Carens I, Carens II, Carens III, Carnival I, Carnival II, Carnival III, Cee’d I, Cee’d II, Cerato, Ceres, Ceres 4x4, Clarus, Concord, Credos, Elan, Enterprise, Forte, Grand Carnival, Grand Sedona, Joice, K2500, K2700, K2900, K2900 4x4, K3600, Lotze, Magentis I, Magentis II, Mentor I, Mohave, Mohave 4x4, Morning, Opirus, Optima I, Optima II, Optima III, Picanto I, Picanto II, Pregio, Pride I, Proceed, Retona 4x4, Rio I, Rio II, Rio III, Roadster, Rondo, Sedona, Sephia I, Shuma I, Shuma II, Sorento I, Sorento I 4x4, Sorento II, Sorento II 4x4, Soul, Spectra I, Spectra II, Sportage I, Sportage I 4x4, Sportage II, Sportage II 4x4, Sportage III, Sportage III 4x4, Titan, Towner, Venga
  • Jeep Cherokee, Cherokee 4x4, Comanche, Comanche 4x4, Commander 4x4, Compass, Compass 4x4, Grand Cherokee, Grand Cherokee 4x4, Grand Wagoneer, Liberty, Liberty 4x4, Patriot, Patriot 4x4, Wagoneer, Wagoneer 4x4, Wrangler, Wrangler 4x4
  • Jaguar S-Type, XJ, XJ12, XJ220, XJ6, XJ6 Sovereign, XJ8, XJR, XJS, XJSC, XK8, XKR
  • Isuzu Ascender, Ascender 4x4, Aska, Axiom 4x4, Bighorn 4x4, Campo, Campo 4x4, D-Max, D-Max 4x4, Elf, Elf 4x4, Fargo, Fargo 4x4, Gemini, Gemini 4x4, Impulse, Impulse 4x4, KB, KB 4x4, MD, Midi, Midi 4x4, N-Series, N-Series 4x4, Rodeo, Rodeo 4x4, Spacecab, Stylus, TFR, TFR 4x4, TFS 4x4, Trooper 4x4, Truck
  • Hyundai Accent I, Accent II, Accent III, Accent IV, Amica, Atos, Atoz, Avante, Centennial I, Click, Coupe, Elantra I, Elantra II, Elantra III, Elantra Lavita, Exceed 4x4, Excel, Galloper I 4x4, Galloper II 4x4, Genesis, Getz, Grace, Grand i10, Grandeur I, Grandeur II, Grandeur III, Grandeur IV, Grandeur V, H-1 I, H-1 I 4x4, H-1 II, H100 II, H100 III, H100 IV, H150, H200, H200 4x4, H300, H350, H600, Highway, Lantra I, Lantra II, Lavita, Matrix, NF, Pony, Pony XP, Porter II, Porter III, S-Coupe, Santa Fe, Santa Fe 4x4, Santa Fe I, Santa Fe I 4x4, Santa Fe II, Santamo, Santro, Satellite, Satellite 4x4, Sonata II, Sonata III, Sonata IV, Sonata V, Sonata VI, Sonica, Starex, Starex 4x4, Terracan, Terracan 4x4, Tiburon, Trajet, Truck, Tucson I, Tucson I 4x4, Tuscani, Veracruz 4x4, Verna, Visto, XG 25, XG 30, XG 350, i10 I, i20 I, i20 II, i30 I, i30 II, i45, iLoad, iX35, iX35 4x4, iX55, iX55 4x4
  • Honda Accord IV, Accord IX, Accord V, Accord VI, Accord VI 4WD, Accord VII, Accord VII 4WD, Accord VIII, Accord VIII 4WD, Ballade III 4WD, CR-V I, CR-V I 4WD, CR-V II, CR-V II 4WD, CR-V III, CR-V III 4WD, CR-Z, CRX II, CRX III, City III, City IV, City V, Civic IV, Civic IV 4WD, Civic V, Civic V 4WD, Civic VI, Civic VII, Civic VIII, Concerto, Edix, Edix 4WD, Element 4WD, FR-V, Fit, Fit 4WD, Fit Aria, Fit Aria 4WD, Freed, HR-V I, HR-V I 4WD, Insight, Integra, Integra 4WD, Jazz II, Jazz III, Lagreat, Legend II, Legend III, Legend IV, Legend IV 4WD, NSX, Odyssey, Odyssey 4WD, Pilot 4WD, Prelude III, Prelude IV, Prelude V, Ridgeline 4WD, S2000, SMX, SMX 4WD, Shuttle, Stream, element, logo, pilot
  • Ford C-MAX 03, C-MAX 07, C-MAX 11, Cougar 99, Escort 91, Escort 91 4x4, Escort 95, Escort 95 4x4, Explorer 93 4x4, Fiesta 02, Fiesta 08, Fiesta 96, Focus 04, Focus 06, Focus 08, Focus 99, Fusion 02, Galaxy 00, Galaxy 06, Galaxy 95, Galaxy 95 4x4, Granada 86, Granada 86 4x4, Granada 92, Ikon 00, KA 08, KA 97, Kuga 08, Kuga 08 4x4, Maverick 01 4x4, Maverick 94 4x4, Mondeo 01, Mondeo 07, Mondeo 93, Mondeo 93 4x4, Mondeo 97, Orion 91, Probe 88, Probe 93, Puma 97, Ranger 02, Ranger 02 4x4, Ranger 99, Ranger 99 4x4, S-MAX 06, Scorpio 85, Scorpio 88, Scorpio 88 4x4, Scorpio 92, Scorpio 92 4x4, Scorpio 95, Streetka 03, Tourneo 02, Tourneo 13, Transit 00, Transit 00 4x4, Transit 02, Transit 06, Transit 06 4x4, Transit 12, Transit 14, Transit 14 4x4, Transit 92, Transit 95, Windstar 95
  • FIAT 500 (301), 500 (312), 500 C (301), 500 C (312), 500 E (EV), 500 L (199), Albea, Barchetta, Brava, Bravo I, Bravo II, Bravo II Van, Cinquecento, Coupe, Croma II, Doblo I, Doblo I Small Bus, Doblo II, Ducato (230), Ducato (230) 4x4, Ducato (244), Ducato (244) 4x4, Ducato (245), Ducato (250), Duna, Fiorino II, Fiorino II Pick Up, Fiorino III, Fiorino III Ecargo EV, Fiorino III Multispace, Freemont, Freemont 4x4, Grande Punto, Idea, Linea, Marea, Marea Weekend, Marengo, Marengo Marengo, Multipla, Palio I, Palio I Weekend, Panda I, Panda I 4x4, Panda I Van, Panda II, Panda II 4x4, Panda II Van, Panda II Van 4x4, Panda III, Panda III 4x4, Petra, Pratico, Premio, Punto I, Punto I Cabrio, Punto I Van, Punto II, Punto II Van, Punto III, Punto III Van, Qubo, Scudo I, Scudo II, Scudo II 4x4, Sedici, Sedici 4x4, Seicento, Siena I, Stilo, Stilo Multi Wagon, Stilo Van, Strada I Pick Up, Strada II Pick Up, Tempra, Tempra Weekend, Tempra Weekend 4x4, Ulysse I, Ulysse II, Uno
  • Daihatsu 550, 550 4x4, Applause, Applause 4x4, Boon 4x4, Charade III, Charade III 4x4, Charade IV, Charade V, Copen, Cuore III, Cuore IV, Cuore IV 4x4, Cuore V, Cuore VI, Cuore VI 4x4, Cuore VII, Cuore VII 4x4, Delta, Delta 4x4, Delta Wide, Domino, Extol, Extol 4x4, Feroza 4x4, Fourtrak 4x4, Gran Move, Hijet II, Hijet II 4x4, Mira, Move, Move 4x4, Move Custom, Move Custom 4x4, Pyzar, Rocky 4x4, Rush, Rush 4x4, Sirion, Sirion 4x4, Sportrak 4x4, Storia, Storia 4x4, Terios, Terios 4x4, Trevis, Valera, YRV, YRV 4x4
  • Daewoo Adventra 4x4, Aveo, Evanda, Gentra, Kalos, Korando 4x4, Lacetti, Lanos, Leganza, Lublin, Magnus, Matiz, Musso 4x4, Nexia, Nubira, Rexton 4x4, Rezzo, Sens, Tacuma, Tosca, Winstorm, Winstorm 4x4
  • Dacia 1310, Duster, Duster 4x4, Logan, Mamya 1310, Nova, Pick Up, Sandero, Solenza
  • Citroën AX, AX 4x4, BX, BX 4x4, Berlingo First, Berlingo I, Berlingo I 4x4, Berlingo II, Berlingo II 4x4, Berlingo III, C Crosser 4x4, C1 I, C15, C2, C3 I, C3 I Pluriel, C3 II, C3 II Picasso, C4, C4 I, C4 I Grand Picasso, C4 I Picasso, C4 II, C4 II Picasso, C5 I, C5 II, C5 III, C6, C8, DS3, DS4, Dispatch I, Dispatch II, Evasion, Jumper I, Jumper I 4x4, Jumper II, Jumper II 4x4, Jumper III, Jumpy I, Jumpy II, Jumpy II 4x4, Nemo, Relay I, Relay I 4x4, Relay II, Relay II 4x4, Relay III, Saxo, Synergie, XM I, XM II, Xsara, Xsara I, Xsara Picasso, ZX
  • Audi 100 (44), 100 (4A), 100 quattro (44), 100 quattro (4A), 80 (89), 80 (8A), 80 (8C), 80 quattro (89), 80 quattro (8A), 80 quattro (8C), A1 (8X), A2 (8Z), A3 (8L), A3 (8P), A3 quattro (8L), A3 quattro (8P), A4 (8D), A4 (8E), A4 (8H), A4 (8K), A4 quattro (8D), A4 quattro (8E), A4 quattro (8H), A4 quattro (8K), A5 (8F), A5 (8T), A5 quattro (8F), A5 quattro (8T), A6 (4A), A6 (4B), A6 (4F), A6 quattro (4A), A6 quattro (4B), A6 quattro (4F), A7 (4G), A7 quattro (4G), A8 (4D), A8 (4E), A8 (4H), A8 quattro (4D), A8 quattro (4E), A8 quattro (4H), Cabriolet (8G), Coupe (85), Coupe (8B), Coupe quattro (8B), Q5 (8R), Q5 quattro (8R), Q7 quattro (4L), R8 quattro (42), RS3 quattro (8P), RS4 quattro (8D), RS4 quattro (8E), RS4 quattro (8H), RS5 quattro (8T), RS6 quattro (4B), RS6 quattro (4F), S3 quattro (8L), S3 quattro (8P), S4 quattro (8D), S4 quattro (8E), S4 quattro (8H), S4 quattro (8K), S5 quattro (8F), S5 quattro (8T), S6 quattro (4A), S6 quattro (4B), S6 quattro (4F), S8 quattro (4D), S8 quattro (4E), TT Coupe (8J), TT Coupe (8N), TT Coupe quattro (8J), TT Coupe quattro (8N), TT Roadster (8J), TT Roadster (8N), TT Roadster quattro (8J), TT Roadster quattro (8N), TTRS Coupe quattro (8J), TTRS Roadster quattro (8J), TTS Coupe quattro (8J), TTS Roadster quattro (8J), V8 quattro (44), V8 quattro (4C)
  • Alfa Romeo 145, 146, 147, 155, 155 Q4, 156, 156 Sportwagon, 156 Sportwagon Q4, 159, 159 Q4, 159 Sportwagon, 159 Sportwagon Q4, 164, 164 Q4, 166, 168, 33, 33 Permanent 4, 33 Sportwagon, 33 Sportwagon Permanent 4, 75, 8C, 8C Spider, Brera, Brera Permanent 4, GT, GTV, Giulietta, Mito, RZ, SZ, Spider, Spider Permanent 4
  • Abarth 500 (312), 500 C (312), 595, Grande Punto, Punto
  • BMW 1 Series (E81), 1 Series (E82), 1 Series (E87 LCI), 1 Series (E87), 1 Series (E88), 3 Series (E30), 3 Series (E36), 3 Series (E46), 3 Series (E90 LCI), 3 Series (E90), 3 Series (E91 LCI), 3 Series (E91), 3 Series (E92 LCI), 3 Series (E92), 3 Series (E93 LCI), 3 Series (E93), 5 Series (E34), 5 Series (E39), 5 Series (E60 LCI), 5 Series (E60), 5 Series (E61 LCI), 5 Series (E61), 5 Series (F07), 5 Series (F10), 5 Series (F11), 6 Series (E63 LCI), 6 Series (E63), 6 Series (E64 LCI), 6 Series (E64), 7 Series (E32), 7 Series (E38), 7 Series (E65), 7 Series (E66), 7 Series (F01), 7 Series (F02), 8 Series (E31), X1 (E84), X3 (E83 LCI), X3 (E83), X3 (F25), X5 (E53), X5 (E70 LCI), X5 (E70), X6 (E71), Z1 (E30), Z3 (E36), Z4 (E85), Z4 (E86), Z4 (E89), Z8 (E52)
  • Original Manufacturer part number this will replace (OE)
  • Audi: B 000 700 A1
  • BMW: 81 22 9 407 512, 83 13 0 139 897
  • Gebrauchsnr fur Flussigkeiten: DBL 7760 Typ DOT4, FMVSS 116 DOT3. DOT4, Ford SAM 6C9103 A, GM GME L5 104, ISO 4985, RENAULT 41-02-001, SAE J 1703, VW TL 7766 X/Y
  • Seat: B 000 700 A1
  • Skoda: B 000 700 A1
  • Universell verwendbar NKW: DOT 4 / 1 Liter
  • VW: B 000 700 A1
  • Other Brands equivalent part number
  • Febi Bilstein 26461
  • VAICO: V60-0074, V60-0075, V60-0111, V60-0235, V60-0382
  • Fits Makes: Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet (GM), Citroen, Dacia, Daewoo, Daihatsu, FIAT, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, KIA, Lancia, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mini (BMW), Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volvo, Volkswagen
    OE Part Number: | B000700A1 | 81229407512 | 83130139897 | DBL7760TypDOT4
    Other Part Numbers: V600074 | V600075 | V600111 | V600235 | V600382 | 26461

    Why we recommend Febi Bilstein for aftermarket parts...

    Solutions made in Germany
  • - Matching Original Equipment Quality
  • - Direct Replacement for Original Part
  • - Please Check application before fitting to vehicle

  • Always one step ahead

    As trendsetters in the independent aftermarket, febi bilstein goal is to always be among the first to market with new product developments that can be incorporated into extending its own range of products. febi is not just a supplier, and makes its mark on the market as a manufacturer with its 'solutions Made in Germany'. febi manufacturing competency allows it to create a diverse range of high quality products, including niche parts which are often perceived as dealer-only.

    Our aspiration: A strong and extensive range of top quality products

    Febi's Car Division offers tested OE matching quality spare parts to fit all popular European models including German, French, Italian, Swedish and Asian vehicle types. From steering, engine, braking, chassis and wheel fastening technology, to vehicle electrics febi bilstein has the parts you need.