Brake Hose Retaining Spring Fits Volkswagen Ameo Arteon 4motion Beetl Febi 19520
Brake Hose Retaining Spring Fits Volkswagen Ameo Arteon 4motion Beetl Febi 19520
Brake Hose Retaining Spring Fits Volkswagen Ameo Arteon 4motion Beetl Febi 19520

Brake Hose Retaining Spring Fits Volkswagen Ameo Arteon 4motion Beetl Febi 19520

Manufacturer: Bilstein Group
Brand: Febi Bilstein
Manufacturers Part Number: 19520
Product Type: Retaining Spring
Placement on Vehicle: Not Applicable
Colour: NA
Material: Not Available
EAN: 4027816195207
Weight: 3 g
Dimensions: 0.5 x 2.2 x 2.5cm

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  • Weight (kg): 0.008
  • Make and model this part will fit
  • VW Ameo (63), Arteon (3H), Arteon 4motion (3H), Beetle (5C), Bora (1J), Bora (1K), Bora 4motion (1J), CC (35), CC 4motion (35), Caddy 2 (9K), Caddy 2 (9U), Caddy 3 (2C), Caddy 3 (2K), Caddy 3 4motion (2C), Caddy 3 4motion (2K), Caddy 4 (SA), Caddy 4 4motion (SA), Corrado (50), Crossfox (5Z), Crossgolf (5M), Crosspolo 4 (9N), Crosspolo 5 (6R), Crosstouran 1 (1T), Eos (1F), Fox (5Z), Gol 3 (5U), Golf 3 (1H), Golf 3 Cabrio (1E), Golf 3 Cabrio (1V), Golf 3 Van (1H), Golf 3 Variant (1H), Golf 3 Variant syncro (1H), Golf 3 Vento (1H), Golf 3 syncro (1H), Golf 4 (1J), Golf 4 (9B), Golf 4 4motion (1J), Golf 4 Van (1J), Golf 4 Variant (1J), Golf 4 Variant 4motion (1J), Golf 5 (1K), Golf 5 (5M), Golf 5 4motion (1K), Golf 5 Variant (1K), Golf 5 Variant 4motion (1K), Golf 6 (52), Golf 6 (5K), Golf 6 4motion (5K), Golf 6 Cabrio (51), Golf 6 Van (AJ), Golf 6 Variant (AJ), Golf 6 Variant 4motion (AJ), Golf 7 (5G), Golf 7 (AU), Golf 7 4motion (5G), Golf 7 Alltrack 4motion (BA), Golf 7 Sportsvan (AM), Golf 7 Van (BA), Golf 7 Van 4motion (BA), Golf 7 Variant (BA), Golf 7 Variant 4motion (BA), Jetta 3 (1H), Jetta 4 (1J), Jetta 4 (9M), Jetta 5 (1K), Jetta 6 (16), Jetta 6 (AJ), Jetta 6 (AV), Lupo (6E), Lupo (6X), New Beetle (1C), New Beetle (9C), New Beetle 4motion (9C), New Beetle Cabrio (1Y), Passat 5 (3C), Passat 5 4motion (3C), Passat 6 (36), Passat 6 (A3), Passat 6 4motion (36), Passat 6 Alltrack (36), Passat 6 Alltrack 4motion (36), Passat 7 (3G), Passat 7 4motion (3G), Passat 7 Alltrack (3G), Passat 7 Alltrack 4motion (3G), Passat CC (35), Passat CC 4motion (35), Polo 3 (6K), Polo 3 (6V), Polo 4 (9A), Polo 4 (9J), Polo 4 (9N), Polo 5 (60), Polo 5 (61), Polo 5 (64), Polo 5 (6C), Polo 5 (6R), Rabbit (1E), Rabbit (1K), Saveiro (5U), Scirocco (13), Sharan (7N), Sharan 4motion (7N), Spacefox (5Z), Suran (5Z), T-Roc (A1), T-Roc 4motion (A1), Tiguan (5N), Tiguan (AD), Tiguan 4motion (5N), Tiguan 4motion (AD), Touran (1T), Touran (5T), Vento (1H), Vento (60), XL1 (6Z), e-Golf (BE), e-load up! (BL), e-up! (BL), up! (12)
  • Skoda Citigo (NF), Fabia I (6Y), Fabia II (54), Fabia II (58), Fabia III (NJ), Felicia (6U), Kodiaq (NS), Kodiaq 4x4 (NS), Laura (1Z), Octavia I (1U), Octavia I 4x4 (1U), Octavia II (1Z), Octavia II (93), Octavia II 4x4 (1Z), Octavia III (5E), Octavia III (NL), Octavia III 4x4 (5E), Rapid (NA), Rapid (NH), Roomster (5J), Superb II (3T), Superb II 4x4 (3T), Superb III (3V), Superb III 4x4 (3V), Yeti (5L), Yeti (67), Yeti 4x4 (5L), Yeti 4x4 (67)
  • Seat Alhambra II (71), Alhambra II 4 motion (71), Altea (5P), Altea Freetrack 4x4 (5P), Altea XL 4x4 (5P), Arosa (6H), Ateca (KH), Ateca 4 motion (KH), Cordoba (6K), Cordoba (6L), Ibiza II (6K), Ibiza III (6K), Ibiza IV (6L), Ibiza V (6J), Ibiza V (6P), Inca (6K), Leon (1M), Leon (1P), Leon (5F), Leon 4Drive (5F), Leon 4x4 (1M), Leon 4x4 (5F), Leon X-Perience 4Drive (5F), Leon X-Perience 4x4 (5F), Mii (KF), Toledo I (1L), Toledo II (1M), Toledo III (5P), Toledo IV (KG)
  • Audi A1 (8X), A1 quattro (8X), A2 (8Z), A3 (8L), A3 (8P), A3 (8V), A3 quattro (8L), A3 quattro (8P), A3 quattro (8V), Q2 (GA), Q2 quattro (GA), Q3 (8U), Q3 quattro (8U), RS3 quattro (8P), RS3 quattro (8V), RS6 quattro (4G), RS7 quattro (4G), RSQ3 quattro (8U), S1 quattro (8X), S3 quattro (8L), S3 quattro (8P), S3 quattro (8V), TT Coupe (8J), TT Coupe (8N), TT Coupe (FV), TT Coupe quattro (8J), TT Coupe quattro (8N), TT Coupe quattro (FV), TT Roadster (8J), TT Roadster (8N), TT Roadster (FV), TT Roadster quattro (8J), TT Roadster quattro (8N), TT Roadster quattro (FV), TTRS Coupe quattro (8J), TTRS Roadster quattro (8J), TTS Coupe quattro (8J), TTS Coupe quattro (FV), TTS Roadster quattro (8J), TTS Roadster quattro (FV)
  • Original Manufacturer part number this will replace (OE)
  • Audi: 191 611 715
  • Seat: 191 611 715
  • Skoda: 005 120 265, 115 595 700, 191 611 715
  • VW: 191 611 715
  • Other Brands equivalent part number
  • Febi Bilstein 19520
  • Metzger: 3207
  • Topran: 108 716
  • Fits Makes: Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen
    OE Part Number: 191611715 | 005120265 | 115595700 | 191611715 | 191611715
    Other Part Numbers: 3207 | 108716 | 19520

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    As trendsetters in the independent aftermarket, febi bilstein goal is to always be among the first to market with new product developments that can be incorporated into extending its own range of products. febi is not just a supplier, and makes its mark on the market as a manufacturer with its 'solutions Made in Germany'. febi manufacturing competency allows it to create a diverse range of high quality products, including niche parts which are often perceived as dealer-only.

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